Create a Kitchen

The Chittenden Brook Hut opens December 1st.

Before that happens, we’d like you to help us outfit the kitchen!


That’s right – we want your used (or new!) stuff! After all, we’re trying to run a sustainable operation over here, and one of the best ways to reduce our impact is by re-using what’s already out there. Recently upgrade your silverware? We’ll take the old set! Too many pint glasses in your cabinets? We’ve got room for them!


By donating your old kitchenware to the Chittenden Brook Hut, you’ll not only help us save money, but you’ll provide the essential tools for hungry guests eager to prepare a warm meal after a long day in the forest.


So, how do I get my stuff to you?


Great question. Start by filling out the form below and let us know if you are able to mail us your items or if you’ll need us to pick them up. After we sort through all the submissions, we’ll be in touch to let you know if we still have a need for your items.