Hadsel-Mares Camp

Northeast Kingdom | Operated by the Green Mountain Club


8 Guests

Year-round Access


No Power

Wood Stove


650 square feet downstairs with bunks for 6, sleeping loft for 2 upstairs (guests supply their own sleeping pads). Uninsulated. Main living area. Separate kitchen. Kitchen sink w/ gray water bucket. Limited indoor wood storage. North facing porch.


Please be aware, the cabins are not insulated and will never get as warm as your home. When spending a night at a GMC cabin, come prepared with the gear and sleeping bags to keep you warm as if you were camping.


$65 per night. $43 per night if you stay 7 or more nights. Current Green Mountain Club Members: During checkout, please use the discount code member for 30% off.


Hadsel-Mares can be rented year-round. For reservations, please click the Book Now button below. You can also call the Green Mountain Club at (802) 244-7037 for any questions about the cabins.


Reservations for Hadsel-Mares can be made year-round.

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Operated by the Green Mountain Club

Header photo credit: Ned Houston