Vermont Huts Association is working hard to enhance recreation in Vermont, and we are fortunate to be in a position that allows us to work with various organizations, agencies, and individuals who share our vision of creating a more immersive outdoor experience in the Green Mountains. Because our huts will serve a wide range of users from skiers to mountain bikers and hikers – and eventually paddlers – we are able to offer year-round exposure for our corporate sponsors.

Not only are huts an important stepping stone for individuals looking to ease into the backcountry experience, but they also serve as the locus for the trading of stories, building of relationships, sharing of knowledge, and enjoyment of meals. A Vermont Hut will strengthen the local community’s economy, provide auxiliary income for its caretaker, and create new opportunities for outdoor guides. Financial support from your business goes far beyond the benefits mentioned on this page. Your sponsorship will have a ripple effect as it helps to boost the statistics listed at the bottom of this page.

We have sponsorship levels to match the size of your business and capacity to give. Consider one of the following options, and feel free to email RJ at rj@vermonthuts.org with any questions. For more info, please check out our full sponsor packet.



  • One social media post per year
  • Logo on VT Huts website scroller
  • Three complimentary VT Huts memberships*



  • Three social media posts/year
  • Logo on VT Huts website scroller
  • One dedicated article in VT Huts newsletter
  • Six complimentary VT Huts memberships*



  • Six social media posts/year
  • Logo on VT Huts website scroller
  • Two dedicated articles in VT Huts newsletter
  • Nine complimentary VT Huts memberships*
  • One complimentary hut night**



  • Central feature logo placement on VT Huts homepage
  • Minimum twelve social media posts/year
  • Three dedicated articles in VT Huts newsletter
  • Inclusion in annual grant collaboration press release
  • Twelve complimentary VT Huts memberships*
  • Two complimentary hut nights**
  • Brand recognition on plaque in hut
*Membership discounts will become available when our membership platform is launched fall of 2017.
**Complimentary hut nights available upon completion of first hut – anticipated open date fall of 2018.

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The Positive Impact of Recreation in Vermont



Total amount of money trail users spent on lodging & accommodations in 2015.


Number of users that visited Vermont just for recreational purposes.


Average amount spent, per party, by non-resident trail users on Vermont accommodations.


Percentage of non-resident visitors that indicated they traveled to Vermont to use the trails.
Contact RJ Thompson at rj@vermonthuts.org to get started.
Header photo courtesy of Ian Urquhart.