About Vermont Huts

Why We Exist

The beauty and allure of the Green Mountains have attracted mountain purists from all over the world. Hard-working Vermonters have created remarkable recreational opportunities for locals and tourists to enjoy. Countless trails were created over the years by skiers, mountain bikers, and hikers. Our mission is to take these individual trail systems and unify them by linking a cohesive network of backcountry accommodations – where huts, cabins, yurts and lodges will exist to enhance our outdoor adventures.

Our immediate efforts will be to unify the existing backcountry accommodations in the state. Once that’s completed, we’ll look to create new lodging opportunities to connect the dots in between.

This process won’t be easy, but it needs to be done, and that’s what we’re here to do.

It will take an enormous amount of statewide and community collaboration to build this network. So, if you operate a backcountry shelter, we’d love to chat with you. If you’re an eager mountain biker or skier, get involved by raising awareness about our efforts. The time has come to put Vermont huts on the map.

RJ & Devin

See Us In Action

Our organization started as just a dream and since 2016 is in progress to become a reality. Watch this short video to learn more about our little organization and how we got started. 

RJ Thompson

RJ Thompson

Co-Founder, Executive Director

RJ lives to be in the mountains, and he loves sharing his passion for the outdoors with anyone who is willing to join him on foot, skis, or bike. His attraction to the Green Mountains began in 2002 while studying at the University of Vermont, and his commitment to the surrounding landscape motivated him to complete his M.S. in Environmental Studies from Green Mountain College. With experience in backcountry event planning, RJ also serves on the Green Mountain Club’s Camps Committee and Trail Management Committee. He has also visited hut systems across the US and Europe. When RJ is inside, you can find him dancing to random folk songs with his wife, Olivia.

Devin Littlefield

Devin Littlefield

Co-Founder, Director of Marketing

The outdoors have been a part of his entire life and will be for the rest of it. Devin received his Bachelors degree in Outdoor Studies from Alaska Pacific University in Anchorage and has worked extensively in the outdoor recreation and travel industries since. His deep knowledge of backcountry huts comes from experiences with multiple organizations from Maine, his home state, to Alaska, the surreal dream state. When Devin is not dreaming up things for Vermont Huts Association, he is with his wife, Monica, going on or planning for the next adventure. And drinking coffee. Lots of coffee…

Board of Directors

Amy Kelsey
Brian Mohr
Chris Quinn
David Goodman
Jamey Fidel
Liz Gleason
Mike Donohue