INTRODUCING: The Heart of the Greens Velomont Loop

The Heart of the Greens Velomont Loop is the first completed multi-day segment of the Velomont Trail, a collaborative project of several Vermont organizations with the goal of connecting a series of single track trails and backcountry huts along the entire length of Vermont. This loop captures the Velomont vision and turns it into reality: connect rural communities to each other and to public open space via purpose-built single track trails. 

Ready to Ride: Summer 2024


We’ve put together a summer hut-to-hut-to-hostel adventure where guests will spend their first night at Spikehorn Yurt, then make their way to Chittenden Brook Hut and finally continuing on to their third and final night, spent at the Stable Inn Hostel. This true hut-to-hut bikepacking adventure is valued at $508 and will be offered on July 26, 27, and 28, 2024.

Check out the raffle page for full details and to purchase your ticket (or tickets!) for the adventure. Raffle runs from 4/15/24 through 5/31/2024 at 11:59am. Winners will be announced at 12pm EST that day!


  • Miles of modern backcountry adaptive mountain-bike friendly flow trail 
  • Classic New England woods roads and gravel grinds to connect the single track with minimal time on pavement 
  • Connectivity to expansive trail networks for modified route options, side trips, and those looking to add on extra miles 
  • A backcountry Hut resting high in the VT hills with ADA accessibility, solar powered lights, heat, and comfy bunks 
  • Swimming holes, scenic vistas, and ridgeline rambles 
  • A downtown hostel with shared and private rooms
  • Fully stocked VT country stores with delicious local brews, hot coffee, signature maple creemees, and even a “bookery” where you can enjoy your fresh-baked croissant during a mid-ride peruse of maps and books 
  • Bike shop, inns, gas stations, and other small town amenities


  • Two creemee stands 
  • Long range views of the Green Mountains and White River Valley 
  • Tacky machine-built single track flow trails, mostly designed and built between 2021 – 2023. 
  • Linking the Rochester Valley Trails with the Green Mountain Trail network for a combined 60+ total miles of trails 
  • A thrilling gravity-induced ride down the legendary “100 turns” and 1500’ of Tunnel Ridge to drop you back into town after an epic 2 day+ adventure in the Green Mountains 

Photos of Recent Hut Adventures

How to Ride

The possibilities are endless! You can ride as much or little as you choose in a day;  book a hut, hostel, yurt, or all three!  * We’re offering a limited amount of pre-packaged rides, linked below these descriptions. *

One Night’r (Clockwise)

This is the classic overnighter for the hardy trail rider looking to pack as much into two days as possible. Stuffing 38 miles and over 5000’ of vert into two days is a tall order, but it’ll all be worth it when you roll into the cozy Chittenden Brook Hut on Night One for a solid night’s sleep before another big day to get back into town. 

  • Day One: 20.5 Miles 
    • Start: Downtown Rochester 
    • End: Chittenden Brook Hut 
  • Day Two: 17.5 Miles 
    • Start: Chittenden Brook Hut 
    • End: Downtown Rochester 
Weekender (Clockwise)

Sometimes it’s nice to make the most of your weekend and get out into the woods on Friday Night. If that’s what you’re looking for, this itinerary is for you! A short pedal on Friday night gets you out on the trails without having to deal with too many logistics. Didn’t have time to pack your favorite snacks? The Pittstop in Pittsfield is strategically located halfway through your ride on Saturday to give you ample opportunity to stock up for the rest of your trip. But make sure you fill your bags, you won’t be seeing civilization again until you finish your ride on Sunday back in Rochester. 


  • Day One: 2.5 Miles
    • Start: Downtown Rochester 
    • End: Spikehorn Yurt 
  • Day Two: 18 Miles 
    • Start: Spikehorn Yurt
    • End: Chittenden Brook Hut 
  • Day Three: 17.5 Miles 
    • Start: Chittenden Brook Hut 
    • End: Downtown Rochester 
Comfort Class (Counter Clockwise)

Prefer to maximize comfort and accommodation while spreading out the miles and elevation? Then taking this route might be for you. Night one has you staying at the state-of-the-art inn and hostel “The Stable Inn” in downtown Rochester. Enjoy a dinner in town, a shower after a long day of riding, and even a fresh breakfast and Sandy’s or the Rochester Cafe before heading into the backcountry for days two and three. This option sandwiches the big backcountry day between two more manageable days that offer amenities on either side of your journey. 


  • Day One: 10.5 Miles
    • Start: Downtown Pittsfield 
    • End: Stable Inn 
  • Day Two: 17.5 Miles 
    • Start: Stable Inn
    • End: Chittenden Brook Hut 
  • Day Three: 10 Miles 
    • Start: Chittenden Brook Hut 
    • End: Downtown Pittsfield 

Hut to Hut Packages for Purchase!

For a limited time, we have one more adventure package for purchase!

June 21, 22, 23: Spikehorn Yurt, Chittenden Brook Hut, The Stable Inn $499

July 5, 6: Spikehorn Yurt, Chittenden Brook Hut $228

August 16, 17, 18: Spikehorn Yurt, Chittenden Brook Hut, The Stable Inn $499

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Want to DIY it?

Visit the Heart of the Greens link on Ride with GPS to see detailed maps, trail descriptions, and more.


  • This route is serviced by three accommodations in the Vermont Huts Association Network: 
    • The Spikehorn Yurt sleeps six and is located 2.5 trail miles from downtown Rochester. Reserve Online. 
    • The Chittenden Brook Hut is ADA-accessible, sleeps 10, and is located at roughly the halfway point on the loop if starting from Rochester. Reserve Online. 
    • The Stable Inn is an independently owned and operated lodging option with private rooms and hostel-like accommodations located in downtown Rochester. Reserve Online. 
  • Additional lodging options include: 
    • Shrek’s Cabin (Operated by Riverside Farm) is located at the top of the Green Mountain Trails network accessible via a spur from the Velomont-Contest Loop. Three trail miles from Pittsfield. 
    • A quick google search will yield plenty of additional lodging options including inns, B&B’s, hotels, and Air BnB’s to suit your particular needs.


  • Overnight parking for this route is available at the following locations: 
    • GMNF Ranger Station in Rochester
    • Rochester Park & Ride 
    • Pittsfield Park & Ride 
    • Upper Michigan Road Trailhead 
    • Chittenden Brook Trailhead
    • Bottom of Chittenden Brook Road 
  • Please help us maintain good relationships with our neighbors and do not park at any other location for overnight trips. 
  • Please carpool and lock your car and hide belongings. 

With Gratitude to Our Partners

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