Spikehorn Yurt

Located in Rochester

Hut Information

The Spikehorn Yurt is open for summer and early fall usage and is nestled between the Rochester Valley Trails and Green Mountain Trail Networks in Rochester, Vermont. The yurt offers the following amenities:

    • Mattresses for up to six guests (two double beds bunked, one double futon)

    • Small kitchenette with pots/pans and all cooking utensils needed. Bring your own water – a backup rain barrel is available, though not reliable and must be treated, filtered, or boiled.

    • Two-burner propane cooktop for preparing meals (bring your own food)

    • Wood stove for heat during cold temperatures (seasoned wood provided). You should know how to operate a wood stove.

    • Small table and chairs for eating meals, playing games, etc

    • Outhouse for hut guests

      Please reference the “Recreation” tab for information about proximity to the networks and surrounding trails.

      The Spikehorn Yurt can be reserved during our Summer months for $109/night on weeknights and $129/night on weekends. VT Huts members will receive a 15% discount using their custom member number. The reservation is for exclusive use of the entire yurt for the night of your reservation. Individual beds cannot be reserved.

      *All rates subject to Vermont Rooms and Meals Tax.

      Access to Spikehorn yurt is through US Forest Service land before hitting the private property on which the yurt resides. The main approach to the yurt is via a approximately 1/2 mile hike up a dirt road. Mountain biking is also possible from either the Contest or Ash Hill Trail. More details regarding the recreation access will be provided upon booking and in the yurt guide at the structure.

      Exact directions and GPS coordinates for parking and the yurt will be provided after the time of booking.


      Spikehorn Yurt rests in the middle of two of the best mountain bike networks in Vermont. The Green Mountain Trails and the newly-built Rochester Valley Trails offers mountain bike experiences for all levels of riders.

      To learn more about those networks and possible trip options, make sure to check out Green Mountain Trails and the Rochester Valley Trails.

      Absolutely NO SMOKING in the yurt.

      Check-in/out Times: Check-in anytime after 2:00 PM on your arrival date. Check-out no later than 12:00 PM on your departure date.

      No outside shoes/boots in the yurt. Bring slippers – they’re way cozier 🙂

      Windows/Fan: The window to the right of the door can be opened for ventilation. It opens from the outside. Roll up the plastic cover and tie it with the ropes provided. 

      There’s also a box fan in the yurt. Plug it into the Goal Zero solar battery located in the bookcase to the left of the kitchen sink. Just make sure to turn on the small black button above each outlet to start power flowing. 

      Water source: Please bring your own drinking water as there is not a reliable water source on the property. Please do not drink the water from the blue jug under the sink as this has not been treated for drinking. If the water in the blue jug is low or empty, it can be refilled with the rain barrel on the corner of the deck. You may also use this rain barrel as a backup water source, though you must filter, treat, or boil this water before consuming.

      Solar Battery: The Goal Zero solar battery system accommodates regular electrical plugs as well as USB chargers. It can handle running the fan but not much more (i.e. no hair dryers). In order to start the flow of power to each outlet, you must press the small black button located above each outlet bank. The display will show you how much battery life remains and how much power you’re drawing. 

      Wood Stove Heat: The wood is located in the red chest right near the door. There’s even more wood outside on the way to the outhouse. Kindling/newspaper are in a basket right next to the wood stove. The lighter is hanging up near the door. On the top right of the wood stove, there is a horizontal lever that controls airflow. Move the lever all the way to the right for maximum airflow (fire burns fastest and hotter) and to the left to slow the airflow (slows the pace of burning). Don’t worry about cleaning out the ashes afterwards. Do not use the pellet stove against the wall as this requires electricity and is not currently connected.

      Lights: There are green LED lanterns in the yurt for lighting at night.

      Inside Cooking: There is a two burner butane cooktop for your convenience, and the kitchen has pots, pans, dishes, plates, bowls, utensils, knives, etc… Simply bring your own food.

      Outside Cooking and Ambiance: There is a propane, gas barbecue grill on the deck, and a fire pit at the end of the driveway with wood available.

      Lighting the cooktop burners: To ignite, move the dial all the way to the left until you hear a click which will engage the ignitor and light the blue flame. To shut off, move dial all the way to the right in a vertical (off) position. 

      Cleaning dishes: There are sponges and dish soap for your convenience. There is a big blue jug of water under the sink with a hose coming out of it. That hose is connected to a foot pump, which brings water from the jug up and out of the copper spigot over the sink. The sink drains into a white bucket. You have to prime the pump a few times to start water flowing. There is a drying rack to place the dishes so they can dry.

      Grey water: Grey water from doing dishes that collects into white bucket, brushing teeth, or cooking should be dispersed outside to the left of the wood pile.

      Outhouse: There is toilet paper in the outhouse for doing your business. Guests may urinate outside the yurt to the left of the wood pile. Number two business should always occur in the outhouse. After going number two, please sprinkle ash from the white bucket in the outhouse in the toiler hole to help with composting. Be sure to close the lid of the toilet when you’re finished.

      Trash: Pack out all trash. Any trash left behind will result in a fine.

      Sleeping: The hut sleeps 6 guests, and there are mattresses provided on each of the two sets of bunk beds and one futon. There is no need to bring a camping pad, though you should bring your sleeping bag or blanket(s). There are no pillows or linens provided. 

      Phone: There is no phone on site, but cell phone coverage is reliable for AT&T.

      Pets: Pets are not allowed inside the yurt out of respect for those with pet allergies. Failure to comply with this policy will result in additional charges.

      Game Camera on site: Please be aware that Spikehorn has an outdoor game camera aimed towards the deck. It takes a low-resolution picture every morning around 10am to monitor weather damage.

      In case of emergency: In the event of an emergency, find cellular reception as quickly and safely as possible, and dial 911. Appropriate authorities are then mobilized through the state of Vermont’s 911 service, as necessary.

      Departure: Please sweep the hut at the end of your stay using the provided broom and dust pan. Be sure the propane cooktop burners are all turned OFF. Pack out all trash and personal belongings. Do not leave any food behind – it will attract mice. When leaving, be sure all doors and windows are closed and the door is locked. Leave the hut like (or better than) you found it.

      Cancellations: Reservations canceled 15 days or more in advance will receive a 50% refund. Reservations canceled 14 days or less in advance are non-refundable.

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