frequently asked questions


Why can’t I book past April/October?
We open reservations twice per year. Starting at noon on the third Thursday of March each year, reservations for spring and summer (mid April through mid October) open. Starting at noon on the third Thursday of August each year, reservations for fall and winter (mid October through mid April) open.

Note: Reservation Open Day is a high-adrenaline sport, we are currently in conversations with Red Bull for sponsorship of this event. (Lies, all lies)

Can I cancel my reservation?
First, we’re sorry you’re unable to make it to the hut. As stated in our cancellation policy, which is found on each hut’s page, reservations canceled 15 days or more in advance will receive a 50% refund. Reservations canceled 14 days or less in advance are non-refundable. To cancel, email us at and we’ll take care of it for you.

It looks like there are no dates available, can the huts really be all sold out?
Indeed. It’s a blessing and a curse, really. Our huts do book up quite quickly so if you don’t see any available dates, it means they’re taken. Don’t despair, however. We encourage you to sign up for our last minute cancellation email list by clicking here.

Is there a cancellation or waiting list?
The best way to learn about last minute cancellations are to sign-up for automated cancellation emails by clicking this link.


How do I become a Vermont Huts member?
Thanks for considering supporting our organization! Visit the Membership page and complete the form in order to start your membership today!

I forgot to use my membership discount when making a reservation. Can the discount be applied retroactively?
Sure can. Email us your reservation information and your membership number.

Can I purchase a gift certificate?
Yep! You can find gift certificates in our shop here, simply click on the thumbnail and choose how much you’d like to gift. The recipient will be able to apply their gift certificate to any of our huts!


Are dogs allowed in the hut?
We love our furry adventure friends! Currently, dogs are only allowed at certain huts during certain seasons. They must be well-behaved and picked up after (carry out – do not throw in privies!). For more details, please check each individual’s hut information tab on our website, linked here.
– NO PETS are allowed at Spikehorn Yurt or Triple Creek Cabin.
– Chittenden Brook Hut and Grout Pond Hut do not allow pets inside the hut, though they may visit the campground and surrounding trails on leash.

– Crow’s Nest and Dark Star Cabin, allows pets – please check CHSNA website to confirm on which trails dogs are allowed.
– Butternut Cabin allows pets during summer months only.
– Nulhegan Hut allows pets with full hut rentals. Specific Pet Guidelines apply; see details on hut page.

How do I get to the huts?
Every hut has its own access points that vary by season. Check out each individual hut’s description for more information. Once you make a reservation, you’ll receive an email with a detailed description of hut access.

Can I check in/check out early?
Leaving a couple of hours between guests helps us ensure safety and allows for cleaning and maintenance in the hut as needed. For these reasons we ask that you stick as close to check in and check out times as possible. For huts with ample parking, it is often possible to arrive early & park, explore the local trails, then retrieve your gear from your car and enter the hut at the appropriate check in time.

How can I make a hut-to-hut adventure?
You will be traveling through the backcountry to reach your hut destinations, and you should be familiar and experienced with all elements of backcountry travel. Please familiarize yourself with the Catamount Trail guidebook and/or other mapping resources if you haven’t done so yet. Hut locations and directions are identified in your email confirmations. Adventurers should be familiar with backcountry travel, carry a map and/or GPS device, etc.

What’s the best hut to visit in the winter/summer?
It depends on your sporting interests! The Chittenden Brook Hut is a great option for backcountry skiers and hikers. Nulhegan Hut is great for summer use as it sits along the Nulhegan River, which is part of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail. Triple Creek Cabinsits along the Catamount Trail and is perfect for those on tour. Check each hut description to learn more about the best options!

I have a hut/cabin/yurt on my property, can I add it to the Vermont Huts network and how does it work?
Thanks for your interest in learning more about how we grow our hut network. We generally work directly with the landowner to determine the best operating scenario for the owner and Vermont Huts. After that, we develop an agreement to outline our respective responsibilities.

For partner huts (huts not owned by Vermont Huts) we usually handle all front-end operations, guest communication, and reservations, while the landowner tends to take care of the stewardship and caretaking of the structure (field operations). We are happy to provide guidance around best management practices. That said, we can also arrange for a local caretaker to steward the structure if you are not regularly at the site.

At a minimum, any hut joining our network should have recreational access out the door (directly along a trail network or accessible via a nearby spur trail). Those trail networks can be on public or private land so long as access to the trails is legitimate. We have not set a threshold for the minimum size (mileage) of the trail network, so it could be as simple as a few miles of trail on your own land. Bodies of water navigable by a canoe or kayak are also considered “trails.”

Additionally, your cabin/yurt/hut must be structurally sound and free of mold, rodent infestation, etc… We are happy to schedule a site visit to look at your place.

If you feel like your cabin is capable of meeting those standards, you can email