Grout Pond

Located in the Green Mountain National Forest

Hut Information

The Grout Pond Hut is OPENING SOON for year-round use and is located on a semi-remote campground in Green Mountain National Forest. We hope to have reservations open beginning 12/31/2022; stay tuned for the official announcement! Hut amenities include:

    • Bunks and mattress pads for up to 10 guests (just bring your sleeping bag)
    • Kitchen with pots/pans/utensils/etc… (no running water, use stream or snowmelt for water. Always treat your water.)
    • Propane stovetop for preparing meals (bring your own food)
    • Propane stove for heat during cold months
    • Common room for eating meals, playing games, etc…
    • Reading nook for napping, relaxing (also doubles as a sleeping cove for two people) 
    • Shared, enclosed outhouse (vaulted privy) for hut guests and campers

      Rates fluctuate based on season, and making a reservation means you get exclusive use of the hut for you and your group. The prices will not change based on group size. The hut sleeps 10 guests.

      Summer Rates

      (Memorial Day – 2nd Mon. in Oct.)
      Weekday Rate – $75/night
      Weekend/Holiday – $100/night

      Winter Rates

      (2nd Tues. in Oct. – Memorial Day)
      Weekday Rate – $110/night
      Weekend/Holiday – $155/night

      *All rates subject to Vermont Rooms and Meals Tax.

       *Specific access details will be provided before the hut opens for reservations*

      Summer parking will be at the parking lot located at the end of Grout Pond Road, and winter parking will also be on Grout Pond Road, though the plow turns around before the end of the road, so it will be a slightly longer approach to the hut during winter months. It is approximately 1-mile from the parking lot to the Grout Pond Hut along mostly flat terrain.

      There are a number of activities right outside the door of Grout Pond Hut! During winter months, guests will experience complete backcountry solitude with immediate access to the Catamount Trail, Vermont’s 300-mile ski trail from Canada to Massachusetts. If you’re looking to stay closer to the hut, you can explore the surrounding trail network on your backcountry skis or snowshoes.

      Summer hiking opportunities surround you at Grout Pond Hut. With a magical body of water just a few minutes down the trail, it’s the perfect place to escape the dog days of summer. Check out this interactive map on Trail Finder for a glimpse of what awaits you. The hike in from the parking lot is mostly flat, so paddlers with lightweight vessels may find Grout Pond Hut to be well worth the portage.

      We will be updating this page with additional maps and resources in the near future.

      Check-in/Out Times: Check-in anytime after 2:00 PM on your arrival date. Check-out no later than 12:00 PM on your departure date. 

      Hut Security Code: You will receive a separate email with the hut’s access code once the building’s installation is finished.

      Heat: The hut is heated with a propane stove. Please reference the operating instructions in hut.

      Lights: The hut has a small solar system, though snowy months may not provide enough energy to power the system. Please bring a headlamp or battery-powered lantern as backup. No gas-powered lanterns. 

      Cooking: For your convenience, the hut is outfitted with a propane cookstove. There is no need to bring your own cooking device. Pots, pans, utensils, and other dishware for up to 10 people are also provided.

      Trash: Guests are expected to leave no trace in the hut and pack out all food and trash. Leave the cabin nicer than you found it!

      Sleeping: The hut sleeps 10 guests, and there are mattresses provided on each bunk. There is no need to bring a camping pad, though you should bring your sleeping bag or blanket(s). There are no linens provided. 

      Water: There is no potable water supply. However, guests may filter/treat water from Grout Pond during summer months. During winter months when the pond is frozen, please follow these helpful tips:

      Break the ice with your boot, hammer or the back of your hatchet until you make a hole that’s about a foot in diameter.  Remove any large chunks of ice or pieces of debris before letting the sediment settle.  It can take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes for the water to clear, so it’s important to be patient.  Once the sediment has settled, all you need to do is carefully put your kettle, pot or container into the water and fill it up. You can also filter directly from the pond if you have a pump filter.

      There may still be some small bits of debris in the water, so consider filtering it through some fabric before boiling it for 10 minutes.  Finally, try to find a spot that is around 8-12 inches deep when possible in order to minimize the chances of disturbing the sediment as you scoop out the water.

      A small hammer/hatchet will be in the hut to break through ice on the shoreline during winter months. A vicinity map will be provided with directions to the easiest point of access to the pond.

      Toilet: Guests may use the moldering privy located near the hut.

      Phone: There is no phone on site, and cell coverage is spotty to non-existent.

      Cancellations: Reservations canceled 15 days or more in advance will receive a 50% refund. Reservations canceled 14 days or less in advance are non-refundable.

      Pets: We love animals. We really do. However, pets aren’t allowed inside Grout Pond Hut out of respect for those with pet allergies. After all, no one can control what causes their allergies, but we can usually find friends/family/neighbors to watch our pets.

      *Failure to comply with these policies may result in additional charges to your reservation.

      Should you have any questions about your stay, please contact the Vermont Huts Association office at 802-798-3003.

      Photo Gallery – stay tuned!