Operator Benefits

Through our Member Benefit program, our accommodation operators will receive premiere marketing and operations opportunities to drive guests to their properties. Member Operators will gain access to various marketing programs, including a custom webpage on the Vermont Huts website, as well advertising opportunities and social media mentions. As a Member, you will also receive expert advice for operational matters, such as maintaining permitting requirements, best management practices, and improving guest experiences.

We offer these extensive opportunities because we believe we can change the way everyone recreates in Vermont. Your hut, cabin, or yurt can provide the opportunities we need to enjoy nature to it’s fullest. As a nonprofit organization, we’re able to help generate greater awareness for Vermont recreational opportunities, grow appreciation for the outdoors, and boost our state’s rural economy by supporting and growing our hut network. If you have other specific needs, please give us a shout – we’re happy to work with you to enhance recreation in the Green Mountains.

Marketing Benefits

Our marketing programs are designed with one goal – get more trails users to your front door.

Website Features
Every operator will receive a custom-designed page on the Vermont Huts website. Guests will also receive the ability to use our online booking software.


Digital Advertising
Opportunities will be available to advertise on multiple channels, including social media, Google AdWords, retargeting and programmatic advertising to increase awareness among key demographics.


Social Media
Features of your property will be made six times per quarter on Vermont Huts’ social channels.

Operations Benefits

Running a hut or cabin requires a lot of planning. Thankfully, we’re here to help.

Group Insurance
Every operator will receive the option to purchase discounted structural or liability insurance under our group coverage plan. Please inquire for more details.


Through our network of nonprofits and businesses, we can create new and unique partnerships to promote collaboration and ultimately bring more guests to your front door.


We are working with local, state, and federal land managers to develop a set of best management practices, which will allow us to assist you with important decisions such as waste management, maintenance, and sustainability of your hut or cabin.

Vermont Statistics



Total amount of money trail users spent on lodging & accommodations in 2015.


Number of users that visited Vermont just for recreational purposes.


Average amount spent, per party, by non-resident trail users on Vermont accommodations.


Percentage of non-resident visitors that indicated they traveled to Vermont to use the trails.

Questions? Want to get started?

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