Things to Know About Volunteering with Vermont Huts

by | Nov 13, 2018


If you’re considering volunteering for Vermont Huts, now or any time in the future, there are many reasons why you should take up that calling. Imagine this: getting to help our organization build something that is going to last a lifetime (or two) and create huge recreational and economic impact for our state. Your name plastered on the hut. People screaming your name in excitement when they see you. Okay, those last two might be excessive… But if you’ve ever thought about the other reasons mentioned, then volunteering is definitely for you!


With that said, here are a few things you should know about volunteering with our organization:


1. Your impact is long-lasting

RJ drilling a screw into the Chittenden Brook Hut wall to mount a shelf

Our mission is to create a lasting impact on Vermont by creating a hut-to-hut network. The fact that these huts may very-well sit in position for decades at a time says a lot about the quality of the build and the TLC put into these structures. Being a volunteer on a hut build will not only give you a chance to get your hands dirty, it will also allow you to be a part of this mission. Your contribution, whether pounding nails or pushing papers will get us one step further to achieving our mission.



2. You can contribute however you want

Often when people think about volunteering for Vermont Huts, they think about pounding nails, building cabinets, installing electrical wiring, and other physically-demanding work. But those are not the only volunteers that we need! We take the time and interest to get to know each volunteer and learn what they feel they can contribute best. We then figure out the best way to utilize volunteers to their potential (and write great recommendations, if needed!). Volunteering will help us achieve our goal, which needs to be accomplished in more ways than one.




3. The perks are pretty sweet

Devin and RJ at the most recent volunteer event

This is one of my favorite reasons why I volunteer: there are always perks involved. Often, that means just getting to be out in nature, working with your bare hands, and seeing the fruits of your labor come to life in a meaningful way. If that sounds like something you’re interested in pursuing, then volunteering is definitely something you should consider!



4. You’ll make many great memories (and friends)

Volunteering brings about the best of the best people. Because of that, volunteers tend to be of similar mindset and contribute to great conversation and camaraderie around the effort. With that, you’ll have great chances to bond and potentially even meet your future ski partner! The opportunities are limitless once you get out and volunteer.


5. The opportunities are plenty

If you’re looking for an opportunity that is coming up soon, then you’re in luck! Our next volunteer opportunity is coming up on November 17th and 18th. If you’re interested and would like to get involved, you can use this sign-up form to save your spot! And if swinging hammers if not your thing, then inquire with us by emailing and we’d be happy to work with you to utilize your strengths and interests to help our organization succeed.



Regardless of how you contribute, your willingness to get involved can help our organization greatly and ultimately get us closer to the reality of a full hut-to-hut network here in Vermont. And for all of the people who have already signed up or contributed: thank you! We wouldn’t be here or be able to head the direction we are if it wasn’t for you.

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